Arduino Create interface (via Arduino)


Arduino Create now integrates Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone and other Linux based SBCs ─ all with IoT in mind. Arduino’s goal is to make developing IoT (Internet of Things) devices quicker and easier than ever before for the Maker or Professional Developer. Stated in a press release, Arduino Creates brings the Arduino framework and libraries to all these SBCs, officially, changing the development game in a big way.


“With this release, Arduino extends its reach into edge computing, enabling anybody with Arduino programming experience to manage and develop complex multi-architecture IoT applications on gateways,” said Massimo Banzi, Arduino CTO, in a press release. “This is an important step forward in democratizing access to the professional Internet of Things.”


Arduino Create is an online platform that puts everything makers or developers need to create projects all in one place. No need to switch between IDEs, cloud services and tools. Read more about Arduino Create's capabilities after this link. IoT has been the focus for Arduino Create, and this new support for SBCs now gives the IoT effort far more processing power than any Arduino can offer by itself.


“Being able to run Arduino code and manage connected Linux devices is an important step in this direction, especially for IoT applications that need more computing power, like AI and computer vision,” added Fabio Violante, Arduino CEO, in the press release.


Showing the new SBC additions to Arduino Create. Plug in your SBC of choice, follow the links. (screen capture via Arduino)


The community surrounding Arduino Create offers support, step-by-step guides, examples, code, schematics and even projects. Although the SBC support is brand new, resources surrounding SBCs is sure to grow, in short order. Import from or sharing with the community is easy too. Keep an eye on the Arduino Project Hub for even more.


Simply connect the Raspberry Pi, or whatever SBC of choice, to a computer and connect it to the cloud via Arduino Connect. To start developing, upload sketches (programs) from the browser to the SBC. No need to install anything to get code to compile, everything is up-to-date. This may become a standard way to develop on these platforms.


I could have used this for the for my Raspberry Pi Washing Machine Texter or my Pi Ornament Notification IoT projects.


See more about Arduino Create at


Read the full press release attached to this post.



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