QN908x is an ultra-low power, high performance and highly integrated Bluetooth 5 certified Low Energy solution for Bluetooth Smart applications such as sports and fitness, human interface devices, and app-enabled smart accessories. It is specially designed for wearable electronics with a small capacity battery.


The QN908x MCU family was launched in July 2017 with rev. C silicon. With the broad interest in QN908x, we decided to solve some issues listed in errata that can benefit customers. So rev. D was planned and implemented. Improved SW & Tools  and documentation make it easier for our customers to use the chip in their own application development.


Comparing with the prior launch, in April 2018, NXP relaunched QN908x with big improvement listed as below.

  • Chip Rev. D released with below changes

Below errata was addressed:

ESD.1: DCDC does not meet the required 2 kV ESD HBM specification (Please refer to errata sheet to get more information)

  • SW & Tools improvement
    1. SW GA release available in web with Bluetooth 5certified stack
    2. New Tools released
      • Connectivity Qtool
      • QN908x Image Editor
      • QN908x programming Tool
      • IoT Toolbox apps with SensorDemo
  • Documents refreshed and new documents released
    1. QN908x 32k RCO Calibration
    2. QN908x Crystals Load Capacitance Calibration
    3. QN908x Quick Start User Manual
    4. IoT Toolbox Mobile Application User Manual
    5. Connectivity Qtool user manual, Image Editor user manual, programming tool user manual, which are released in the tool internally


Get more information by accessing www.nxp.com/QN908x.

Please note that there will be a follow-on QN9080 SIP launch happening in Q4 2018.