IoT Audio

While I have read a couple of articles recently that talk about how “machines are taking over”, I have a slightly different perspective on this.  Perhaps machines are just mis-understood?  They are not
trying to take over -they are just trying to help -help the human race get more done and be more efficient.  And a part of that is learning how to communicate with us.


Communicating with machines used to be difficult – the responsibility fell solely on our shoulders.  It felt like I was doing all the work in the relationship.  If I wanted a custom
background on my old desktop computer – I had to write a small program on my PC.  If I wanted my thermostat to do something – I had to press the correct sequence of buttons and codes.


Now, machines can communicate with us in a more natural way.  We can physically talk to them, the way we talk to a friend, and even better – the machines can listen and respond appropriately!  I change channels just by telling my television what show I want to watch.


NXP is ready to support this IoT Smart Revolution.  NXP’s new i.MX 8M family of applications processors introduces groundbreaking functionality to a wide spectrum of next-generation devices. The i.MX 8M key features include high-performance compute, power efficiency, and embedded security that will drive rapid proliferation of edge node computing, rich streaming multimedia, and machine learning (ML).


Sound interesting?  Check out this animated infographic to get a better visual of what this IoT Smart Revolution is about.  What do you see as the next big thing for this revolution?  Comment below.