Since its initial release, the i.MX 8M continues to grow in popularity as customers realize that its bleeding-edge capabilities transcend
across multiple applications and multiple market segments within the IoT.  Most recently, I saw that the i.MX 8M is now qualified for industrial.  What does that mean exactly?


Industrial customers need industrial grade devices.  They need 10-year continuous device operation.  Check out this application note to learn more. So by offering i.MX 8M devices that are industrial grade, it means that industrial customers now have access to features like: dual display interfaces, video quality with full 4K UltraHD resolution, and the newest high-speed interfaces for flexible connectivity.


Add that to that the fact that the i.MX 8M is part of NXP’s product longevity program, and it starts to become clearer why so many customers are flocking to get their hands on one of these high-end development boards (MCIMX8M-EVK).


I recently spent a minute to interview the product manager about what makes the i.MX 8M ideal for industrial applications.  Watch the video here.