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Internet of Things

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Although hundreds of participants have registered and checked out NXP's latest webinar —— 'Get to market fast with NXP LPC800 MCUs - A low-cost, entry-level, 8-bit alternative for your next design!', still many regrets and complains about not being part of the webinar series, or haven't checked the whole picture of the 4-phase training that took place throughout June.   Now you don't have to worry because the recordings of the whole webinar series are available on Ple ...
By now, we're all familiar with the phrase "Internet of Things" (IoT); some of you may be directly involved with that concept on some level as a designer/technologist. Here, we'll begin a series of posts on the IoT with some broad discussion of what it's all about, and then segue into how oscilloscopes and related hardware/software are among the best tools available for design and debug of IoT-related devices.     Figure 1: Chances are you're already using the IoT in various ways &# ...

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