The cost and complexity to develop, deploy and manage secure cloud-connected nodes have continued to gate mass market from realizing the true potential of IoT applications. NXP Semiconductors has now introduced the LPC54018 MCU based IoT module featuring an onboard Wi-Fi module, and supporting Amazon FreeRTOS, reducing the complexities of IoT node-to-cloud designs as well as enabling developers to create seamless, secure, and cost-effective IoT solutions connected to the AWS cloud.


Amazon FreeRTOS is an open-source MCU operating system built on the FreeRTOS kernel offering embedded developers a universal connection to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform and helping them to accelerate their time to market for MCU-based connected devices. It also provides numerous libraries and tools for users to quickly and easily program, deploy and manage MCU-based connected devices and develop IoT applications without having to worry about the complexity of scaling across millions of devices while providing seamless cloud connection. Once connected, IoT device applications can take advantage of the capabilities of the cloud or continue processing data locally with AWS Greengrass.


NXP’s LPC54018 IoT module, developed by NXP in partnership with Embedded Artists and based on the high-performance flashless LPC54018 MCU, is a self-contained, high-performance, Wi-Fi enabled microcontroller module for rapid product development and prototping. Together, LPC and Amazon FreeRTOS, with easy-to-use software libraries, bring multiple layers of network transport security, simplify cloud on-boarding and over-the-air device management, ushering in a new wave of connected devices.


In addition, NXP has recently introduced the OM40008: Mini IoT baseboard to complement NXP’s MCU IoT modules, enabling easy-to-use, low-cost IoT application development and easy access to the peripherals available on the LPC54018 MCU.

The LPC54018 MCU belongs to NXP’s newly launched LPC540xx product family. The LPC540xx MCU family integrates a 180 MHz Arm Cortex-M4 core, 360 KB SRAM, advanced HMI and flexible communication peripherals for real time performance in next generation IoT applications. LPCXpresso54018 development board is also designed to fully support LPC540xx product family with an on-board, CMSIS-DAP / SEGGER® J-Link compatible debug probe. There is also LPC540S0xx MCU devices coming later 2018, with added security of on-chip hardware AES engine, and Secure Hash Algorithm module integrated.



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