According to Wikipedia, a DSC (Digital Signla Controller) is a hybrid of microcontrollers and digital signal processors. Due to this unique structure and advantage in computing data, DSCs are used widely in a bunch of applications, such as motor control, power conversion and sensor processing applications. DSCs are even marked as green technologies because of the potrential to redue power consumpition in electric motors and power supplies.


NXP semiconductor foresees the potential of DSC in the IoT market by offering a series of 32-bit Digital Signal Controller products. The DSC products offers excellent performance, making it one of the best in signal-processing microcontroller category. In addition, recently this DSC portforlio has just got its 'upgrade' with more fancy products launching to the mass market, thus making the whole series of product more streamlined than ever.


Best-in-Class Performance & Efficiency

Based on NXP's high performance 56800EX Hawk V3 core with 100 MHz frequency, NXP's DSC product offers the highest number of operations per cycle among any MCU in its class. Despite this, they are still the lowest power DSC available on the market with less than 0.4 mA/MHz at full speed run.

In recent Artifitial Intelligence related applications, DSCs also could play a part since a lot of intelligent peripherals are provided. eFlexPWM and high speed cyclic ADCs are both one of a kind in terms of advance timer and high speed capture. In addition, NXP also offers industrial and automotive-class products with operation temperature as high as 125 degrees Celcius.



56F82xxx: Entry-level for smart control

The MC56F82xxx DSP MCU family offers outstanding power consumption at runtime with exceptional performance, precision, and control.

  • Targets high-efficiency digital power conversion (MC56F827xx) and advanced motor control (MC56F826xx) applications
  • Delivers half the power with twice the performance for energy-efficient applications
  • Reduces costs through higher switching frequencies
  • Increases system safety by restricting user code from accessing key memory locations and peripherals reserved for supervisor access
  • Enables compact PCB design for space-constrained applications while still providing the precision and control needed


56F84xxx: High performance with abundant communication peripherals

The MC56F84xxx is the market's fastest digital signal controller, offering exceptional precision, sensing and control for the most efficient digital power conversion and advanced motor control applications.The DSC family includes advanced high-speed and high-accuracy peripherals, 64 KB to 256 KB flash memory flexibility and Direct Memory Access (DMA) controller, Single-cycle math computations, fractional arithmetic support and parallel moves. Other features include:

  • Hi-res PWMs with 312 pico-second resolution
  • 2x 12-bit high-speed (HS) ADCs with 3.3 Msps resolution, 1x 16-bit ADC with 1 Msps resolution
  • 4 analog comparators with integrated 6-bit DACs speed system event identification and shutdown of the PWM outputs, 1 12-bit DAC with auto waveform generation
  • Various communication peripherals: 3 QSCIs; 3 QSPIs; 2 I²C/SMBus; 1 FlexCAN




As in software and tools support, NXP also provides abunch of free tools helping you start your own creation, which includes CodeWarrior IDE tool, FreeMASTER debugging tool, and Run Time Control Embedded Software Library.


With mutiple product families targeting different aspect in motor control and power management solution design, NXP's 56F8xxx DSC products are more than capable of prociding competitive performance, best-in-clasee low power, and excellent support and enablement, exceeding yur design in motor and power world!


To learn more about NXP's 56F82xxx DSC products, go to NXP official DSC product page.