If you needs a platform with more scalable performance and memory options but rich features to support your multiple applications, NXP Kinetis  KE1xZ is a perfect option. On March 7, KE1xZ64 as a new memember of KE1xZ family is fully launched.

Based on the Arm Cortex-M0+ with up to 48 MHz performance, providing up to 64 KB flash and 8 KB RAM along with a complete set of analog/digital features including Touch Sense and CAN, the KE1xZ64/32 MCUs extend the 5 V Kinetis E family with smaller memory footprint options for broad scalability.

KE14Z: broad offering with mixed-signal integration, ADC, ACMP, Timers, PDB, now ranging from 32KB Flash to 256KB Flash

KE15Z: expansion from KE14Z family, with addition of TSI module, now ranging from 32KB Flash to 256KB Flash

KE16Z: NEW, expanding from KE15Z family, with addition of CAN module


Key Features

Key Selling Points


  • Robust for harsh EMC environment
    • 2.7V – 5.5V Power Supply & 5V I/O pads
    • EMC Test Performance
  • Capacitive Touch sensing solution that provides a compelling user experience
    • Supports both self-cap and mutual-cap mode
    • 25 touch sensing channels
  • High performance in liquid tolerance
    • Rich feature integration for industrial and motor control
    • CAN bus
    • PWM, Timers, 1Msps ADC, Comparator
  • Scalable Portfolio
    • Expands the KE1xZ series down to 64KB and 32KB Flash options
    • Optimizes BOM cost

For more information, visit www.nxp.com/kinetis/Eseries.