Here at Avnet we've been working on a couple of new MT3620 Azure Sphere products to help you prototype and deploy your secure IoT solution easily and quickly.  Look for more blog content on these items soon, but for now I wanted to provide information on our offerings.


We're producing a pre-certified commercial off the shelf MT3620 module that can accelerate your Azure Sphere based product development.  We used the module on a new Azure Sphere Starter kit.  This means that you can do all your development on the starter kit and then easily migrate your application code to your own custom product using the module in your design.


The starter kit includes two MikroE Click sockets, an I2C Grove connector, a connector supporting the addition of a 128 x 64 OLED graphical display, a 3D accelerometer, 3D Gyro, temperature sensor, and an ambient light sensor.  The Starter Kits are available for pre-order now.


Avnet Azure Sphere (MT3620) Starter Kit: Link


Avnet Azure Sphere (MT3620) certified module: Link


Video introduction from CES 2019: Link


Avnet Azure Sphere Starter Kit