NFC adds the magic to gaming. Incorporating NFC tags into games and toys allows for an interactive connection between the physical and virtual worlds. NFC can enhance the experience with any kind of toy or game, from classical board games that interact with NFC-enabled devices, to trade cards and figurines that come alive in the virtual world when tapped against smartphones or consoles, to smart toys communicating with each other. In all of these use cases NFC enhances the gaming experience and presents new opportunities for toy and game companies and consumers alike.

  The mobile gaming market value is estimated to be above $30 billion in 2017, already exceeding that of consoles according to Newzoo. NFC technology can play a substantial role in the growth of both the mobile and console gaming markets. According to ABI Research, there will be more than 1.7 billion NFC enabled mobile devices by 2020. Only imagination and creativity limit the potential applications. In this webinar we dive into how NFC can revolutionize the gaming industry. We present already existing success stories, and introduce innovative use cases and the NXP® solutions to enable them.


Welcome to NFC's magical world!


What You'll Learn

How NFC can revolutionize the gaming industry.


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Course Outline

  • How NFC adds magic to gaming
  • Success stories
  •   Use cases: cards, smart toys, game consoles, smartphones & tablets, vehicles, board games
  • System solutions NFC reader solutions for gaming NFC Reader
  • Connected Tags
  • Product Support Package for gaming


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