If you are a software developer and want to integrate an NFC reader into your device, this webinar demonstrates the procedure.

NFC frontend offers a host interface and a contactless interface. Host interface is a low level access to the contactless interface providing full access to the IP. The host controller uses the register access to the contactless interface :

  • to configure RF framing and signaling.
  • to finally transfer the RF digital protocol based blocks to/from a counterpart.

An NFC frontend is an RF transceiver enabling the contactless communication.

It deals with the signal modulation and handles the data transmission through the RF interface.


Content of Webinar:


  • NFC readers software development design-in support.
  • NFC Frontend concept.
  • Linux OS architecture & NFC Reader Library integration in Linux.
  • Host interface latency analysis in Linux.


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Watch Webinar Video Here : https://www.nxp.com/video/:L:INTEGRATE-NFC-FRONTENDS-LINUX