Full Market Launch Date: Sep 30, 2019

The K32 L3 MCU family represents the third generation of Kinetis. It delivers significant improvements in power optimization and security advancements to address a wide range of industrial and IoT applications. Based on a high-performance Arm® Cortex®-M4 processor and a low-power Cortex-M0+ processor (optional), the K32 L3 MCU is ideal for applications that require a host MCU and a low-power MCU. With up to 1.25 MB flash and up to 384 kB SRAM, the K32 L3 MCU family offers ample memory resources to address different applications tasks in a small form factor, low power, and highly secure design.



Key Selling Points


  • Architected for low power and efficiency
    • Significant improvements in power optimization
    • Efficient dynamic power
    • Low static power consumption with full retention
    • 50% decrease in run current and 80% decrease in wake-up time from deep sleep over its predecessors
  • Protect against threats that compromise networks
    • Assuring confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of the IoT device and its data
    • State-of-the-art cryptography with secure boot and update functionality
    • Robust enablement with MCUXpresso Software & Tools
  • Dual-core technology to optimize low-power use cases
    • Includes a high-performance Cortex-M4 core and an optional low-power Cortex-M0+ core, ideal for applications that require a host MCU and a low-power MCU


Block Diagram


Target Applications

  • Building Automation: Security and access control
  • Industrial: Factory automation
  • Smart Home: Door locks, Smart thermostats, Lighting control, Security systems


For more information, please visit NXP.COM/K32L3 .