As world's first general purpose Arm Cortex-M33 based microcontroller series, NXP's LPC5500 has drawn a lot of audience since initial announcement 1 year ago.


LPC55S6x was launchec in Q1 2019 as the first product family in this series. Due to the advanced Cortex-M33 architecture, the first-time introduction of TrustZone into microcontrollers and NXP's advanced security design and PowerQuad core to accelerate calculation, this product has attracted market interest to a large extent.


NXP didn't stop developing further based on the initial launch, in fact, it is surprised to see that the LPC55S6x has got an upgrade after only half a year time. Originally the microcontroller runs at 100MHz event though it is already dual qual design, CoreMark has reached 750+. But now NXP offers LPC55S6x full family at 150MHz core frequency, for both the main core and the second core, which makes this product more powerful for various kind of IoT applications.


Not only we see the upgrade of the ice breaker, NXP also launches its second family in LPC5500——The LPC552x/S2x family. This product is defined as mainstream Cortex-M33 MCU with the same 40nm NVM process technology as LPC55S6x does. The LPC552x/S2x runs at 150MHz single core and offers high performance efficiency as well. This time you can also choose to have or not have all the security features to maximize the cost efficiency to the largest extent. With the same level of advance design and more streamlined feature set, LPC552x/S2x provides a more cost effective way to develop IoT applications and offers more choices.



Main feature of LPC552x/S2x:

  • Cortex-M33 up to 150 MHz, FPU and MPU
  • Up to 512 KB on-chip flash, 256 KB total
  • Advanced Security: PRINCE module for real-time encryption, CASPER for hardware acceleration, AES-256, SHA2 module, SRAM PUF (LPC55S2x only)
  • FlexComm, USB HS, USB FS
  • 16-bit ADC, ACMP, Temp Sensor
  • 5 x 32b Timers, SCTimer/PWM, RTC, MRT, WWDT
  • Programmable Logic Unit
  • Power-saving modes
  • 1.8V to 3.6V
  • Operating temperature range -40 °C to +105 °C
  • Available in HLQFP100, VFBGA98 and HTQFP64 (Nov 2019) packages



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