In the previous blog of January 2020, we learnt how to integrate NFC controllers in Linux and also how NFC frontend offers a host interface and a contactless interface.


This blog is the extension of previous two sessions and here we will talk on how to port the NFC Reader Library to K64F.


In this session, using a real porting example, we show the steps required to port the NFC Reader Library to a target MCU.


The goal of the session, is to serve as a guide for software developers willing to do the library porting themselves.


Contents covered :

  • NFC Reader Library positioning and architecture
  • Hands on: NFC Reader Library porting to K64F.
  • General considerations to port NFC Reader Library to the target MCU.



Attached is the detailed webinar slide and below is link to the webinar.


For detailed webinar, please click here :…

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