This post is part of the Infineon Blockchain Starter Kit road test.

Blockchain - outside of the bitcoin context - is new to me.

Follow along with me on this path to learn the technology....



Before I can fully use the Security 2Go cards in the coinfinity app, I need to have cash on at least one card. This blog shows the sequence to get fake value on the card.



I used the steps of the Infineon video.


Switch to a Test Blockchain


Switch coinfinity to ropsten test network via the menu.


Install MetaMask and Create a Wallet


Then, (I did it on a laptop): Add metamask plugin to my browser.

Then, when the plugin is opened:

  • create account
  • create wallet
  • Switch to Ropsten test network



Get a 1 ether Test Coin in your Wallet


Then open a new tab to

When you click on request one ether from faucet, it asks to log on to your metamask wallet and then creates a transaction id for 1 ether.

When you (right-)click on the transaction URL, you navigate to the ropsten test website and see the status.

When that page confirms success of the transaction, the 1 ether is in your wallet.


Transfer 0.1 ether to the Infineon Card


You can now transfer this to a card. I entered the address of my card by tapping it on the phone with the coinfinity app open,

then used the QR button on MetaMask and my PC camera to scan the QR. This worked well.

After some time (I chose the Slow option to prevent burning my test money), the amount was transferred.




Test if the Money Arrived


When I now tap that same card to my telephone with the coinfinity app open, it shows the amount, if you selected Key 1.


This budget can be used now in transactions with others ....



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