Of course we know that 32-bit microcontrollers are getting more and more attention and start to 'dominate' the market since years ago because of the advanced technology node and good power consumption performance. Thus, not all applications needs 32-bit, like co-processors and control unit for a specific module. Sometimes they prefer 8-bit for cost reasons, sometimes for simplicity that they offers to save develop resources. Anyway, 8-bit is still playing the game in the market, just not in the same position they used to be.


NXP Semiconductors recently has enriched its 8-bit cost-effective S08 microcontroller series by launching 2 new families in Q1 2020—— S08PB and S08PLS, making the 8-bit product line more diversed. Here is a snapshot from nxp.com showing the latest S08 product offerings:



All of the above are available in mass market now, products covering 5V robust solution, 3V low power solution, 18V with pre-driver etc. The S08 product line is very cost effecitive for general purpose industrial and consumer control applications.


Now let's take a deeper look at the 2 new launched families.



The S08PB family is simple, yet powerful, and offers excellent EFT/ESD performance. This scalable and pin-compatible MCU family reuses existing S08 core, IP and tools for easy migration from existing 8-bit S08 products. The S08PB MCUs integrate key features like 12-bit ADC, analog comparator, amplifier, I2C, and flexible timers to simplify design and to help reduce system cost.

Target application covers small home appliances, motor,s power tools, lightning control, smoke detector etc.



The S08PLS MCUs can be considered as a simplified version of the S08PL family, which was introduced 1 year ago. It integrates features such as 10-bit ADC, analog comparator, UART port and flexible timers to streamline and simplify development while reducing system cost. The S08PLS MCU series also meets equipment safety standard IEC60730 and can offer exceptional EFT/ESD performance. In addition, the S08PLS series is designed to be scalable and pin-compatible with other S08P series, enabling IP and tools to be easily migrated from existing 8-bit S08 products.

S08PLS is also suitable in small appliances, motors, power tools and some entry-level motor control and power management solutions. And because of the streamlined feature combination, it can be offered at a very attempting price point.


For more information, feel free to visit NXP S08 MCUs and do not hesitate to download the latest fact sheet and more documentations around these products.