Audio speakers and headphones are becoming wireless, with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as the most popular technologies.

NFC is the fast and simple way to associate wireless devices, without creating conflicts. No menus, no waiting.

The most advanced solution for NFC pairing is connecting two Bluetooth enabled audio devices with just a tap, which creates a multi speaker audio system, or even a ‘silent disco’ if you use two headphones.

In the webinar (link below), you will learn how you can develop your own NFC pairing solution for a wireless audio system, step by step. In this webinar we’ll use the PN71xx NFC controller’s family.

Order your development kit (OM5578) to prototype your own audio device with NFC pairing capabilities!


Overview of content in the webinar:

  • NFC solution for easy Bluetooth and WiFi pairing.
  • Multi audio wireless speaker demo:
    • Hardware details.
    • Software architecture and application logic.
    • Software integration details.
    • Available resources.


Attached is the detailed webinar slide and below is link to the webinar.


For detailed webinar, please click here :

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