Here's my first experience with the Arduino MKR1310 and The Things Network (TTN).

A (failed) attempt to follow the tutorial and connect to TTN.

I'm using a Arduino MKR 1310 WAN, tested with two different 868 MHz antennas, in an area known to be covered by TTN.


I'm following the tutorial step by step.

  • installed the latest board support: Arduino SAM Boards version 1.8.7
  • and latest MKRWAN lib, 1.0.12




Made an application on TTN:


Loaded the FirstConfiguration sketch to my board:


Ran it:

Registered my device using the Device EUI:



Selected OTAA, and entered the APP EUI and KEY.

No success. The board returns "Something went wrong; are you indoor? Move near a window and retry", and TTN console says there was no contact.


image source: the things network


image source: ttn mapper. I live uphill, one of the highest parts of the city called "Litlle Hill". In a beam.


Any advice?