I talked a lot about NXP's newest Cortex-M33 platform microcontroller series: LPC5500, since the first product's launch 2 years ago, NXP has been proactively launching different product families within the series to fulfill customer needs. There is the LPC55S6x featuring dual-core 150MHz, PowerQuad calculation accelerator, and advanced security features. There is then the single core LPC552x, lower-cost LPC551x coming recently.




End of 2020, NXP brings another new member to the LPC5500 series, and further takes the LPC5500 into a new level of price point. The baseline LPC550x/S0x MCU family, with its lower cost options and smaller footprint, further expand the existing general-purpose LPC5500 MCU series. It's advanced security and safety integration offer applications an extra level of protection.


Offering excellent ecosystem advantages for developers, including pin-, software- and peripheral-compatibility in addition to a comprehensive portfolio of software and tools, the LPC550x/S0x MCU family helps accelerate time to market.


One spotlight here for this new product family is that aside from providing standard HTQFP64 package, NXP provides HVQFN48 package for the first time in LPC5500 series, which is ideal for size limited designs.


Key Feature Highlights

High-efficient 40-nm flash technology:

Over 380 EEMBC® CoreMarks and as low as 32uA/MHz2

System integration for Industrial and IoT Markets

High-Precision ADCs

CAN-FD for industrial control

Enhanced safety and security with Arm TrustZone®-M technology

Comprehensive enablement with MCUXpresso Ecosystem


Potential Applications

Industrial & Building Automation

  • Remote IO and Sensor Nodes
  • Elevators and Lifts
  • Smart Lighting and Utilities

Consumer Products

  • Gaming and PC Peripherals
  • Vehicle/Asset Tracking Systems
  • Cordless Power Tools and Appliances

Smart Home

  • Secure/Biometric Access Control
  • Security Systems
  • Sensor Nodes



Like NXP always does, there is a dedicated development board designed for the new microcontroller, the LPC55S06-EVK includes a high-performance onboard debug probe and accelerometer, with several options for adding off-the-shelf add-on boards for networking, sensors, displays, and other interfaces.


Learn more please visit www.nxp.com/lpc550x