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Internet of Things

2 Posts authored by: Stuartsjones
The Internet of Things is here and more engineers than ever are optimizing their designs for an increasingly connected world. Here we present 7 webinars that have taken place on element14 over the last few months, where industry experts explain the intricacies of the IoT and discuss the opportunities that a connected world can bring for EE design. 1. Designing for the Internet of Things This webinar addresses the three main problems with designing an IoT solution. It divides the focus i ...
The Internet of The Backyard challenge is now in full flow and with our contestants well under way in creating their connected backyard devices, this got the element14 team thinking... What is the greatest ever backyard win? For example, have you ever built an epic barbeque, constructed a fortress like tree house, or maybe you made a palatial bird so fantastic it send could have housed a pterodactyl? TO ENTER: Share your backyard win below in the comments section (with a picture if you have ...

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