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Internet of Things

2 Posts authored by: bluescreen
The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to reshape the world by introducing an estimated 50 billion connected devices to the Internet over the next ten years. While freestanding Internet devices have been around for years, Google’s 2014 purchase of Nest for $3.2 billion was a short heard ‘round the tech world. Companies scrambled to convince investors that they, too, had a plan to capitalize on the IoT revolution. But while the financial pressures to own a piece of this rising industry ...
Seven years ago, a Metrolink passenger train in Los Angeles crashed because the driver was texting on his cellphone instead of paying attention. 25 people died, and the US Congress passed the Railway Safety Improvement Act, which ordered implementation of a new system to prevent future crashes resulting from human error: connect trains to the global positioning system. By connecting trains to GPS, onboard sensors, and a sophisticated network of local computers, trains could be designed to know w ...

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