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Internet of Things

2 Posts authored by: bwilless element14 Team
Here at Avnet we've been working on a couple of new MT3620 Azure Sphere products to help you prototype and deploy your secure IoT solution easily and quickly.  Look for more blog content on these items soon, but for now I wanted to provide information on our offerings.   We're producing a pre-certified commercial off the shelf MT3620 module that can accelerate your Azure Sphere based product development.  We used the module on a new Azure Sphere Starter kit.  This means that ...

Azure Sphere (MT3620)

Posted by bwilless element14 Team Nov 19, 2018
My name is Brian Willess, I work at Avnet where I'm responsible for training Azure Sphere customers.  I wanted to advertise the MT3620 Azure Sphere device and its supporting systems to this community.  Azure Sphere has everything you need to develop and deploy a secure IoT solution quickly.   Azure Sphere   The Azure Sphere system developed by Microsoft combines a secure MCU, secure OS (Linux kernel), and the Azure Sphere Security Service (in the cloud) to deliver a highly se ...

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