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Internet of Things

2 Posts authored by: jbilecsu
    Inspired by our top 5 Internet of Things Projects?  Want to get started easily and quickly with your own idea?  No problem.  Here are 10 How To videos to help you get started in either 3 easy steps or tackle more complex ideas such as home automation. But, it all starts with the design. So, here is a basic video that outlines what you need to consider when designing Internet of Things applications such as cost, security and features. #iotdebate .     Vide ...
Internet of Things (IoT) – It’s in the media. Earlier this year, World Finance reported a $40bn price tag on Songdo – an IoT Smart City purpose-built by the government of South Korea.  For our element14 2014 community awards, IoT was voted as one of the top trending technologies in 2014.  We often talk about the Gartner prediction of 26 billion IoT-enabled devices in the world by 2020.  Well, that’s only 6 short years away.  So, need to get started qu ...

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