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Internet of Things

2 Posts authored by: jimeer
Is this the end of the Write, Compile, Download and see the results paradigm? We have all been doing it for years, what else is there?   The basic paradigm for creating microcontroller firmware is to Write, Compile, Download and See the results (WCDS). This long winded approach can be somewhat mitigated by debugging and emulation software but it still boils down to WCDS in the end. The Arduino is a very successful classic example of this and has thousands of lines co code written for it so ...
As far as I am concerned the ESP8266 is a bit of a game changer for the internet an microcontrollers and so I have put it together with the ByPic (the what?). Okay I will start again. ByPic is an interactive language that works through a serial interface using a simple USB to serial converter: So: Will give: Really, this is the output from the Mini-Max, pressing 11 will use the HTTP protocol to get the head sent by google that contains the current date and time. What is shown as the main m ...

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