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Internet of Things

2 Posts authored by: jkutzsch
IoT is an ever changing beast with Computer Security being something that is constantly on the minds of many developers and users of IoT. There are a 3 online resources I enjoy going through and reading up on for all types of Computer Security information, including IoT.   The First 2 are actually Security Conferences.  If you can manage to attend one of these they are incredible ways to not only get cutting edge information but make some really interesting contacts with people in the ...
The internet of things is set to become the next big thing in technology. The IoT consists of multiple networked devices such as sensors and computers connected in various ways such as via wireless communication protocols. LoRa is an abbreviation of “Long Range” and is one such wireless protocol that is being used in IoT devices. [LoRa] is a radio modulation format that gives longer range than straight FSK modulation. This is achieved by a combination of methods: it uses a spread sp ...

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