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Internet of Things

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If you are searching for a high-performance, power efficient, yet cost sensitive MCU for your designs, then here is the exciting news: NXP recently introduced the LPC51U68 MCU.   Power efficient solution for future IoT designs   Based on the Arm® Cortex®-M0+ core, the LPC51U68 MCU pushes the performance of the core to 100MHz, which is more than two times faster than current Cortex-M0+-based products. The LPC51U68 MCU also provides expanded memory resources of up to 96KB o ...
Near Field Communications (NFC), even though used in dozens of applications from contactless payment to healthcare, and billions of NFC ICs, readers, and tags are in use globally, studies continue to show that many, even very inexpensive, products that could benefit from it have yet to do so.   The use of NFC in inexpensive products, of which there are thousands, recently got more appealing thanks to a microcontroller within NXP’s LPC800 series introduced last October targeted spec ...

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