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Internet of Things

2 Posts authored by: malakai
The ThingBox Project @  I thought I'd introduce a simple to use program tool available on the Pi. I plan to try and tie this into several projects to get a younger audience into the IoT and a simple drag and drop interface seems a great place to start. Along with their sample projects to show working examples. I think it could help get quite a few started in the IoT field.   Install Internet Of Things technologies on a Raspberry-Pi without any technical knowledge and ...
A complete walk through can be found in my Road Test Review on setting up the EnOcean Pi and Sensors:   With my recent arrival of the EnOcean Pi Road Test Kit I thought a tutorial on setting up the Gateway would be a great article to start with. The Sensor Kit is on backorder so I will fill my time working with just the EnOcean Pi Gateway for now.   This entire process is outlined within the White Paper :  Raspberry ...

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