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Internet of Things

2 Posts authored by: michaelwylie Top Member
Well if you don't know yet, I've been trying to answer the question: "How much does opening and closing my refrigerator door cost?" You can read my first blog about this topic here: I Wonder How Much That Costs ...   Firstly, thanks to Element14 and EnOcean for letting me road-test this product. I cannot stress enough how well this product performed, and it far exceeded my expectations. You can read the road test review for more information. As for the question of how much it costs, it tur ...
Introduction Ever think to yourself, "I wonder how much that costs", or more importantly "I wonder how much that is costing me"? I wondered this about my refrigerator. Exactly how much money does it cost every time I open the refrigerator door? Well, I hope to be able to answer that question with the new Raspberry Pi and EnOcean IoT pack. My plan is to create a system where the Raspberry Pi monitors when my refrigerator door is opened, how long it is opened, and the ambient temperature. Then ...

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