I have been interested in LEDs since before blue or white LEDs were available and have always followed LED technology progress, so this road test was was going to be interesting even if I did not manage to be selected as a sponsored participant. Fortunately my proposal was selected, allowing me to enjoy experimenting with some interesting LED technology as well as an MSP430 Launchpad.

My proposal was fairly ambitious for a road test as it undertook to demonstrate about half a dozen applications involving all of the road test kit of parts. The project ended up exceeding the proposal, discussing or demonstrating about 40 applications in 17 blogs and 20 videos. This summary of the project will contain links to all blogs and videos.

The awsome road test kit, sponsored by Texas instruments, Würth Elektronik and element14, included some unique quad-colour LED modules (CC2540TDK-LIGHT) from Texas Instruments that were controllable via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), an MSP-EXP430FR4133 Launchpad from Texas Instruments, a TPS92512EVM-001 LED driver from Texas Instruments, a generous selection of any Würth Elektronik components we needed and a $200 budget for parts from element14. Many thanks to the sponsors for contributing such a fabulous kit.

This was a valuable road test kit with some great products that I wouldn't normally get to try out. I learned a lot about LED lighting and soldering high power LEDs and had a lot of fun experimenting with different applications. I hope my road test blogs showed how useful these products can be, as I definitely find them to have lots of useful applications. Other participants in this road test also created some very interesting applications which I enjoyed following. I would recommend other members participate in road tests like this – you get a lot of freedom to propose things you are interested in, and road tests are both useful and enjoyable.

Here are some images and links from things I tried in this road test:

BLE LED Backlight






Unboxing Demonstration


3D Printed Housings


Light Fixtures


Wearable Interactive Lights


Interactive Trophy


Interactive Objects


White Power LEDs


Ring Light


Star Wars Collectibles


Selfie Lighting


Code Composer Studio Cloud

Distance Meter


Vehicle Situational Awareness System



Christmas Decorations


Maple Leaf CAD

VSAS Installed


VSAS Night


Heat Gun Reflow Soldering


Induction Heating Reflow Soldering


This concludes my road test summary and my road test.

It was most interesting, fun and educational.


The LED Road Test page is here:


The Lighting Group page is here:


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Associated Video Links

LED Road Test Unboxing

MSP-EXP430FR4133 Demo

BLE LED Power On Test

BLE LED 3D Printed Housings 2

Dodecahedron Light Fixture

Creating a Light Fixture using 123D Design

Wearable Interactive Arc Reactor

Interactive Trophy

Interactive Illuminated Household Objects

Power LEDs Thermal Discussion

LED Ring Light

Star Wars - Let The Force Be With The Light

CCS Cloud Basics


VSAS Indoor Demo

Maple Leaf BLE LED Decoration

Maple Leaf CAD design

Vehicle Situational Awareness System in Operation

Vehicle Situational Awareness System Operating at Night

Reflow Soldering SMT LEDs

Induction Heating Reflow Soldering