The first ever Mini Maker Faire Evanston happened this past weekend just north of Chicago.  The event was particularly exciting as my hackerspace, Pumping Station: One, helped to organize it.  It also marked the first night race for Power Racing Series (the sub-$500 electric motorsport where hackerspaces compete in souped-up Power Wheels).  Saturday night got off to a rocky start as a severe storm blew threw the area just before the Faire was set to open.  Thankfully, the skies cleared, and the action kicked off with drag racing which pleased the crowd:


Afterwards, all teams had to make qualifying laps to earn their pole position for the Sunday races.  This gave the crowd a good opportunity to check out each team's car such as this eclectic creation from Minneapolis's Hack Factory:


The thing I dig most about Power Racing is that it brings together so many different hackerspaces.  Maker Faire Evanston had 11 hackerspaces from 6 states, and the main reason for that was the 16 Power Racing Series teams:


These great photos are from the the Power Racing Series Twitter account which provided lively commentary throughout the night.  Power Racing also did an excellent job of editing together video of the action:


After the racing ended, I was struck by the fact that this was the first time I was ever at a Maker Faire after the sun set:


The dark provided a great opportunity to appreacite the full beauty of projects like Brian Chojnowski's LED staff:


The green glow of a dumb terminal also caught my eye:


I was suprised upon closer inspection that it was in fact hooked up to a Raspberry Pi and was running the Linux 'top' utility.  Pumping Station: One member, Ed Bennett, has posted the details on his blog.  The Chicago MakerBot User Group also drew a crowd: