Here's a YouTube playlist of my videos from New York in September 2013:


Maker Faire: New York 2013

    • Make: Hardware Innovation
    • Adafruit Industries
    • Alpha One Labs makerspace
    • World Maker Faire New York
    • Flushing Meadows/Corona Park


Here's one of the videos from the playlist:


BBot: BeagleBone + FPGA cape powered beer serving robot

BBot! A remote controlled robot that talks, sees and serves drinks at the pool! And is hilarious! This open source robot design is based on the BeagleBone Black micro embedded Linux computer and has a low cost FPGA cape attached. Embedded Linux coupled with an FPGA can dramatically augment any DIY electronics design - the possibilities are practically endless when these two technologies are combined. We'll be discussing this robot's software and hardware architecture as well as highlight some of the amazing capabilities of such a platform! Come learn about these two affordable and important next generation DIY technologies!Featuring the ValentF(x) Mark 1 FPGA Board integrated with a BeagleBone Black embedded Linux minicomputer, this open source robot design is a great reference for advanced DIY robotics enthusiasts!