If you've muscled your way through the early morning lines to get into Maker Faire Rome today...



... make a straight line for Pavillion I, where you can meet the element14 team!


We've brought a host of great maker-bait projects with us, including a whole stand dedicated to codebug and the immensely popular Beaglebone Rubik's Cube solver. The kids who attended yesterday's student day loved this one, with dozens -- if not hundreds -- of them going head to head against the machine. Incidently, we don't mind admitting defeat to one of the first students to take up the challenge, who nailed a particularly well scrambled cube in just 26 seconds! You can see him at the beginning of the video below.


So, we've a crazy-busy day ahead, and hope to see you at Pavillion I this weekend, and we'll aim to bring those of you who can't get here a lot more coverage as the show goes on. And, of course, you can follow our live actions via Twitter and Facebook.


Maker Faire, baby!