Index of the Moto Mods Developer project:

Moto Mods Developer Part 1 - Getting Started - Virtual Machine Setup and Linux Install

Moto Mods Developer Part 2 - Getting Started - SDK Setup & Android Studio Install

Moto Mods Developer Part 3 - Firmware Setup

Moto Mods Developer Part 4 - Getting Started - Make Build-Folder, add Utility and OS files

Moto Mods Developer Part 5 - Flashing Firmware with MDK Utility

Moto Mods Developer Part 6 - Blinking an LED on the Moto Mods Perfboard

Moto Mods Developer Part 7 - Modifying the C file for the perfboard LED

Moto Mods Developer Part 8 - Configure Nuttx

Moto Mods Developer Part 9 - Updating the Hardware Manifests file

Moto Mods Developer Part 10 - Cont’d Configure and Compile Nuttx

Moto Mods Developer Part 11 - Load newly created Nuttx Firmware onto Reference Board

Moto Mods Developer Part 12 - Soldering the Test Points to use the perfboard

Moto Mods Developer Part 13 - Making custom App to control the Firmware




With your Moto Z Droid plugged in and on file transfer mode, Navigate to the second nuttx folder, right click and ‘Copy To…’




Select phone name and save it in the Phone’s Downloads folder



On the phone, launch MDK Utility app.

In Developer Mode, Select files→ nuttx.tftf




If prompted, click continue.


The firmware name will show “MDK-RAWBLINKY” as we named in the Hardware Manifests file.


NOTE: For some reason the MDK Utility app from the app store doesn’t let you switch back to “SET MODE” once your custom firmware is loaded. The only way to use the “MDK LED Light” switch in the app is to be in SET MODE. The switch is always greyed out in DEVELOPER MODE.


The way around this: On github, in the MotorolaMobilityLLC repository, there is an mdkutility which is a different version that does not have modes in its APK. Download and install this APK. Load the “MDK-RAWBLINKY” firmware with the app store version of MDK Utility. Then switch to the repository APK. This will allow you to use the “MDK LED Light” switch with your custom firmware. Now the firmware should blink the LED soldered to the test point PG10. Turning the switch ON will start the blinking.



There you go….success. Custom blinky firmware using Moto Mods with perfboard.