Hi Im am in Australia, this is not Austria, we are 10-20 years behind Europe in all things tech,

I use  a chinese phone to test all my circuits on the job, a Senter 327(China Shandong), its a PDA, a smart phone with  additional features, can be a Volt Ohm Meter,  can test for smart TV traffic, can test for ADSLxyz, can send red light on optical port, can measure optical on auxiliary optical port, can make POTS phone call, using keypad, is a smart phone 3G, runs android, bar code scanner. QR code scanner built in, can be a full network router using cat 6 in/out, so many features I cannot list them,


I have been looking at series Z moto with mods, very interesting, I find on my old MotoG6, I get amazing reception, 34meg up/down, compared to Nokia on same service at 6 meg down and 1.5 meg up. no comparrison IMO, interested in discussion re Moto MODs & series 7 MOTO for install technicians,


China has no clue, will not respond to enquiries,


I know I am asking a lot, I just want VDSL,XDSL,Optical Power,RED Light test, Smart Net TV diagnose, VOM test, POTS service,. Plus 4/5G smart phone, the Senter 327 has 6 auxillary ports, 3xcat5, 2xoptical, plus USB, plus ethernet,, Test DOCSIS3.x plus, plus, plus,,,,,


And then some, any ideas, please respond, at least to just say "hey man you f**ckin crazy" get over it,

I use my Senter 327 PDA every day, but it is limited, firstly by 3G what the F is that about I hear you say,, second Android/Google and F'ing Googe, Fing hate Google more than I hate Apple and Apple is a F'ing virus  , for a red light at 5 milliwatts its all good, as a power meter, all good, to test a smart TV, Fing fantastic, POTS service all good, VOM all good,

But needs 4G and 5G capability with all the features thrown in

Slightly bigger screen would be nice, and can we get rid of Google ?

Any ideas welcome,

Im just an old fart, bear with me pls,

Back in the day I had a black screen with green text, and no GUI, so I've come a way,,,

Fing amazing whats out there now, I am a tech on customer install, we are screaming for tools to help,,

Lets make the internet great again, [giggles{SUB text Trump is a jerk}]

We could make this F'ing internet work again,,,,

I know I'm f'ing dreaming,