• Quarentine, not much to do. Buying an used Moto Z. Anyone still developing mods?

    Hi everyone. Long time since I'm waiting to start my moto mod project. Anyone here knows where can I find the raspberry pi Hat adapter? Searched in a lot of places, even used ones in ebay and I can't find nothing. I l...
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  • MDK Development on a rooted phone?

    Is it permissible to work on MDK development on a rooted phone? Will all moto mods work on a rooted phone or might that prevent some mods (either available now or in the future) from being able to function properly?
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  • repair moto mod

    friends good afternoon, I have seen the forum and I am in love with diy development, I live in Brazil and here unfortunately the imposts put out of reach the purchase of mods to have idea a mod aki comes close to almo...
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  • Latest XOOM MZ600 firmware

    Hi all, I have an old XOOM MZ600 3G Verizon CDMA (Stingray) tablet that came loaded with Android 3.0.  I'd really like to update this to the latest 4.1.2 that Verizon put out OTA several years ago, but that's be...
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    created by wolfwood76
  • Lapdock mod needed

    A mod that is hopefully easy to make that I need is a simple mod to allow a z to dock to a Motorola (attic) lapdock.  This dock was originally for the Motorola Atrix and available through AT&T.  At the t...
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  • Screen mirroring a Moto Z to HDMI, with the Moto Mod Development Kit (MDK)

    After much messing around I've achieved my initial goal: getting the Moto Z to display on an HDTV. Ingredients Moto Z, Moto Z Force, or Moto Z Play phone Moto Mods Developer Kit (MDK) SlimPort Micro-USB to HDMI ad...
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  • Transform The Smartphone Challenge 2019?

    Transform The Smartphone Challenge  Will we be able to see it at this year?
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  • NuttX configuration with my project. (FM Transmitter)

    So, this is a continuation on a deferent post, but I thought it would be appropriate to post here. ( FM Transmitter Mod ) I am developing an FM Transmitter on my phone using a Stereo Decoder, and an FM Transmitter, b...
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  • Moto Mod Idea: Stylus Mod - is it possible?

    Hi. I'm new to this community so I'm not really sure where to start. I don't really have any programming or electronic experience (going to school for Game Art and Development) and I'm hoping you guys can help me....
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  • Problem with Example Personalety Cards - Android 9 - Moto Z3 (not play)

    New old Moto Z3 from Verizon, factory reset, fully updated then factory reset and configure again. MDK and Battery/Display Personality card brand new from Farnell shop.   Similar to the problems at:   HEL...
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  • Bypass Mods, direct interface

    I have an application that requires interfacing with the hardware of a phone like a z3, but the thickness of the moto mods dev kit is an issue. Is there an available way to interface directly with the pins on the back...
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  • Question about something lingering on my mind for a long time and if it would be possible to build such a smartphone i picture in my head.......

    Hello Community I dont know if there is already a thread about my lingering thought so i hope you all could still bear with my inability to use the search function properly Therefore i apologize in advance since t...
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  • Moto Mod Suggestion

    No idea if this is the proper forum...   I would like to know if anyone is able to make a mod that swipes debit/credit cards and/or reads chips?   Thanks for any info
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  • Trouble compiling nuttx

    I'm working through the hello world example, and trying to get setup to compile the firmware, following the directions here: https://developer.motorola.com/build/tools/build-from-source   I'm stuck at the "make"...
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  • Help!problem of Developer Tools: Starting a New Project

    Hey guys.   There was something wrong with my project. At the "selecting your protocols" step,I copy the 'hdk-temperature.mnfs' file and rename it as 'hdk-ProjectUART'. At the "Creating the Basic Project Files...
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  • Looking for the source code for moto mod library

    Hello everyone,   I am looking for the source code for the moto mod development library. Any ideas?
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    created by frostfire45
  • IR Mod

    I was quite disappointed to discover that my new Moto Z3 doesn't have an IR blaster to control my TVs and DVD player. But then I thought: wait! How hard could it be to make a Mod for that? A thing that comes standard ...
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  • How to connect IMX230

    Hi all, We want to connect SONY IMX230 Camera Sensor with raspberry pi by using Moto Mods HAT Adapter Board. How to do it? Thank you.
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  • Idea! (But new to electronics)

    Hello all! I'm very new to all this. I have an idea for a mod that I would love to see come out but none of the skills necessary to actually make it. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good place to start learn...
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  • Moto test phone

    Hi Im am in Australia, this is not Austria, we are 10-20 years behind Europe in all things tech, I use  a chinese phone to test all my circuits on the job, a Senter 327(China Shandong), its a PDA, a smart phone ...
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