I am writing this to help anyone wishing to load example projects for the CC110L Air Booster Pack with MSP430 Launchpad using the MSP430G2553 as supplied for RoadTest.


To begin run IAR for MSP430 and then open a Workspace, browse to folder where you copied or downloaded the firmware.


Then open the AirBoosterStack workspace.




The workspace will open and you will have a drop down menu choice just under the workspace view on left hand side...


Make a choice from the list provided...LaunchPad_CC1101 was chosen in the pic below





Next we need to check / change the device to be programmed in the Options of the project to be compiled...The MSP430G2553 device is used for the AirBoosterStack examples.





Change the device in General Options....




That's it! All that is need now is to Make, Download & Debug...




Any questions?