The Rutgers Food Innovation Center is a globally recognized food business that offers everything to support a food business from concept to commercialization. Omega's relationship with Rutgers sprouted with their eager goals in substituting manual processes with an IoT solution that granted them hands-off data collection capabilities.



  • Inefficient, manual processes for food safety compliance
  • Lack of data analytics capabilities
  • Missed opportunity for predictive maintenance



  • OMEGA PLATINUM series microprocessor-based PID controllers
  • OMEGA ZW-ED wireless sensor/transmitter system
  • Data Illuminations automated data processing and management solution



  • 25% time savings by eliminating manual processes
  • Streamlined food safety compliance process
  • Analytical insights for predictive maintenance

For the FIC, the new solution has provided numerous benefits, including:

  • Replacing manual processes
  • Reducing human errors
  • Providing a more proactive approach to maintenance
  • Reducing overhead and costs


The Food Innovation Center at Rutgers University (FIC), is a globally recognized food business incubator and processing facility that supports domestic and global food companies with research and development, marketing and marketing research, quality assurance, and business and food safety training. Additionally, a primary focus of their program is to guide companies through the USDA and FDA compliance and inspection processes. Thus, it’s important to the FIC that they set a gold standard in food safety compliance.


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