Actually toasters aren’t smart enough to drive yet, but they are getting there. Seriously though, well as serious as I can be with this information, David Carr of MIT’s Media Lab has created a prototype toothpaste dispenser, called ‘Tastes Like Rain’, which gives you three different flavors depending on the weather. If it's mint, you know it's colder out than yesterday. Cinnamon means its hotter and blue stripes mean it’s going to rain. The prototype is currently hooked up to a small Linux computer that pulls forecasts, using custom software to compare previous and current temperatures and divvy up the flavors. Then, linear actuators squeeze out the proper variety of toothpaste through a heavily modded Mentadent dispenser. Apparently the dispenser is hooked up to the web and checks the weather in your location and compares the data from the previous day’s weather to select the toothpaste mixture needed. Well that’s it for this article; my washing machine is telling me it’s my bed time.