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OpenPicus,  the italian open source platform made for wireless smart sensors and  actuators, definitely takes off with a thick list of juicy news ready to be downloaded on 20th Jan 2011 (10am italian time)

The open source platform is mature and offers to the developers:

  • The new IDE, easy to use and Free to download
  • Software Framework: your Apps can control the functions of the Protocol  and of hardware, but you don't need to be an expert of both.
  • Apps Source Code (such as wireless Webserver)
  • Video guide for the IDE and a Manual for the Framework

OpenPicus  started in March 2010, it was just an idea and a Blog. Today FlyPort  module (the first Wi-Fi smart module, AKA Picus) is more and more the  core of lot of Wireless applications, from sensors to robotics. Very  innovative the Campus program: they give FREE Starter kits for  Universities.