A magnet-powered method of pouring beer from the bottom up that works nine times faster than traditional methods, further proof that great ideas can be fueled by alcohol. The cup features a small hole at the bottom, covered up by a circular magnet. Pressurized beer lifts the magnet up; filling the cup until the weight of the beer on top of the magnet pushes it back down, sealing the bottom. Josh Springer, the inventor of Bottoms-up, said by switching from traditional taps to his system, stadiums can go from using eight pourers per two cashiers to one pourer per eight cashiers. So the main problem has become that providers literally can’t collect money fast enough to keep up. Regardless, the new system certainly speeds up the time it takes to grab a brew, which means fans don’t have to miss as much of the game to quench their desire to drink beer. The Bottoms Up system also cuts costs for the provider by minimizing spillage and provides drinkers with a relatively-foamless beer. You no longer need to worry about that one guy who doesn’t know how to pour, as the system gets rid of pouring altogether. For more information please visit: http://www.grinonindustries.com/aboutgrinon.htm