Here are some of the activities on element14 that I read about this year that interested me or really caught my attention.

Other things did too over the year, these summary photos are just a few of the highlights that are worth checking out!




Here are some links, in no order:

The PiDesk

MotY and 100k Level 9

Volcano Control


Pi Zero Internet Connected Display

Music Tech

Jose, James, Rick and Michael's Vertical Farming

Magic Doctor's Hat

Hadron Vortex G2 Gizmo Case



Illuminated Tricopter

Pi Zero Retro Gaming System

Foginator 2000

Gizmo 2 3D Printed Enclosure

Enchanted Record Player

Douglas' LED Road Test and 3D Printed Dodecahedron

Real Time Player Monitoring System

Enchanted Cottage

Pi User Interface with Colour LCD Display

Building a Quadcopter


Last but not least, there was a huge wealth of element14 organized activities - I did not get to attend as many webinars as I had hoped this year, but nevertheless I really appreciated the immense effort gone into arranging them and seeking experts and topics of interest. I also appreciated the design challenge work, and the amazing site development activities over the year and upcoming upgrades. It has evolved so much over the years.