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The mysterious BeagleBone Blue promo image (via BeagleBone) just released a page on their site dedicated to something called the BeagleBone Blue (BBB). On the page is a picture of a PCB with the words “robotics cape” riding atop a BeagleBone that is mounted inside a 3D printed, wheeled framework.

It claims that the BeagleBone Blue is described as a “complete educational robotics controller” and it also claims that because the BBB comes with or is an educational curriculum, (the page is unclear on this point) that “barriers to learning and growing are completely eliminated”.


So, is the BBB, just a cape? Is it a kit with a cape, wheels, motors and sensors? Is it a learning system with a curriculum and projects like one of those 101-electronics-projects-in-one? None of this is made very clear. Maybe the mystery of it is meant to compel us to sign up for regular updates. Clicking the sales flyer in the middle of the page will take you to another page to sign up for regular media updates.


What is listed, is a bunch of what appear to be single-board-computer specs.


Whatever the BBB is or isn’t, is definitely has:

A 1GHz ARM Cortex-8,

512MB of DDR3 RAM

2x 32 bit, 200 MHz PRUs (programmable real-time units)

An unspecified amount of on-board flash

Balanced 2-cell LiPo support

Accepts 6-16v charging input

Wireless 802.11 b/g/n

Bluetooth 4.0 (includes Bluetooth Low Energy)

It seems to have some GPIO as well as IO dedicated to UARTs, SPI & I2C

It has an on-board barometer and a 9-axis Inertial Measurement Unit

At least one USB 2.0 port

It has 8 – 6V servo outputs & a 4V DC motor output

If I am reading it correctly, 4 quad encoder inputs


I’d like to get excited about the BBB, but I’m really not sure what I’d be getting excited about. Oh well, time will tell because additional details are supposed to be released in February.

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