In 2016 I got to explore a few things, here is a quick summary.


Building and Testing Audio CablesThe year was kicked off with an investigation into audio cables and jack plug connectors and how to solder them and how to test cables for immunity to noise
Non-FTDI USB-to-UART SerialVery unhappy with FTDI / Bridgetek, I looked around at the competition and made a table of alternative offerings. (An open hardware non-FTDI USB-UART was created towards the end of last year).usb-ser.png
Raspberry Pi 3 Cooling / Heat Sink IdeasCooling options for the (at the time) new Pi 3 were investigated. This was really a collaborative effort from many people, includingbwelsby and cstanton and others. The actual investigation from me was quite short, but the comments section is where everyone supplied their findings and ideas.rpi-cooling.jpg
Cisco Live 2016 in BerlinThis is a collection of photos and some videos of a few of the interesting things at the
Southern Manufacturing and Electronics ShowA small taste of what was at the show; it is definitely worth a
Building a Temperature Measurement SystemI started a project for a temperature measurement system using a thermistor. Although not complete, the front end is finished and tested, providing an analog output for the temperature measurement system. It is usable with a multimeter until the data acquisition portion of the design is complete.therm-outline1.png

Keysight  U1282AU1282A Multimeter RoadTest

For a Road Test I investigated the  U1282AU1282A multimeter It proved very useful for a multitude of tasks including to finely examine the Pi 3's power consumption dynamically and to observe laser power thermistor-graph-laser-annotated-r.png
Raspberry Pi 7 inch Display and EnclosureSome simple mods to improve the enclosure to suit the 7-inch displaydisplay-sf-in-use-r.jpg
HAL-CAM 9001 'modern security camera' project and Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilityThe HAL-CAM 9001 project was started with a colleague. The hardware is complete, and we were able to refine it with PoE capability. The software still needs polishing and publishing will commence soon.hal-cam-photo-r.png

IoT RoadTests:

Four RoadTests covered end-to-end IoT solutions using several different cloud IoT platforms and a range of
Engineer's Multi-Tool projectThe Engineer's Multi-Tool was a short, fun project that integrated some simple test tools into a single pocket-sized unit.multi-tool-complete-r.jpg
Knipex Ferrule Crimping Pliers reviewThis was an opportunity to test the tool and see how ferrules could be used. knipex-main-r.jpg
SMT Pick-and-Place BuddyA project that is still ongoing (but is complete enough to function) is the SMT Pick-and-Place Buddy, used to position surface mount parts on a PCB speedily. It will be enhanced with software features in an attempt to improve productivity when building circuit boards.pnp-buddy.jpg
Thermal Imaging System with Raspberry Pi 3 and Panasonic Grid-EYEThe last thing for this year (so far) is an investigation into the Panasonic Grid-EYE that was part of a Road Test and used it to build a thermal imaging system with the Pi 3 and Sense HAT, with a web browser-based interface for higher resolution.system-overview-r2.png


That's it! I hope we all do lots of things we find interesting next year too.