2017 was a busy year, I had a lot of personal stuff to do, but there was lots of engineering related stuff going on too, and I enjoyed seeing what everyone was working on. This blog post lists the activities I worked on.


1Make your own Test Leads; Assembling 4mm Banana PlugsI started off the year making some banana test leads!
2Raspberry Pi 3 Block DiagramIt was followed by an attempt to build a block diagram of the Raspberry Pi 3 since I couldn't find one online.
3Low Cost PCBs - What Can They Look Like?Exploring printed circuit boards under a microscope
4Cisco Live 2017 in BerlinSome photos from the Cisco Live event in Berlin

Embedded World 2017 – Getting Ready!

Embedded World 2017 - (part of) Day 1

Embedded World 2017 - Day 1 continued

Embedded World 2017 - Day 2!

A trip to Embedded World in Nuremberg, thanks to element14
6A New Ruggedized Raspberry Pi 3 –  netPI!A report on the netPI at Embedded World
7Robots - Science Museum London ExhibitionThe Robots exhibition that was running at the Science Museum, London
8Get Started Coding with Raspberry Pi LibraryAn ongoing series of articles on Coding with the Pi for complete beginners
9Building a Software Defined Radio (SDR) with LimeSDRWork on turning a software defined radio circuit board (called LimeSDR) into a usable product
10Building a USB Keypad: A Mini-ProjectA USB keypad for computers; it can be used for keyboard shortcuts, or as a numeric keypad or games keypad for a PC or Pi for instance
11Google's Alexa-like Pi AIY Kit, mini teardownA teardown/reverse-engineering exercise on the Google AIY kit
12Fake and Re-used Electronic Parts and ComponentsA brief discussion about peoples experiences with fake/used components
13Cyclops-1000: An Electronic Eye for Rotational Speed MeasurementA handheld RPM meter/tachometer style project, suitable for beginners; part of a fun series called Project14

Home Automation in the UK Simplified, Part 1: Energenie MiHome

Home Automation in the UK Simplified, Part 2: Raspberry Pi and Touch Display

A couple of reports on home automation and how to control and monitor it all from a Pi
15Build your own Torch/Flashlight!A Project14 torch/flashlight project. It is ongoing, I have received the printed circuit boards from the factory now.
16Five scenarios where TI Power Supply circuits came to the rescueA discussion about five power supply circuits including an iPhone/iPod charger and a LiPo cell charger
17Building a Solar ChargerA Project14 solar charger project. This is a work-in-progress, PCB still to be laid out
18Building a Linear Power Supply ModuleA dual (or triple) rail power supply project intended for op-amp/headphone audio projects
19Soldering Surface Mount Exposed Die Pads with an IronHow to solder parts with an exposed pad on the underside, using a normal soldering iron
20Building a Low Cost Solder Fume Extractor – Part 1DIY solder fume extractor based on an array of PC fans and some filters
21DMX Explained; DMX512 and RS-485 Protocol Detail for Lighting ApplicationsA lighting protocol (DMX512) was examined
22Working with FRDM Boards and ARM mbedA step-by-step guide to working with an online microcontroller development environment called ARM mbed and a range of Arduino-like boards from NXP
23Building a Fluxgate Magnetometer based Current ProbeThis project was a lot of fun - building a current sensor with a very interesting sensor. It was also useful for seeing the seconds ticking from a wristwatch!
24Building a Three Phase Mains Power System SimulatorA project that simulates a three-phase industrial supply; this is useful for examining the electrical relationship per phase and between phases, using an oscilloscope or multimeter
25Proxxon Rotary Tools Review: Micromot 50/EF, FBS 12/EF and NG 2/EThere are a bunch of high-speed rotary tools from Proxxon; I examined a couple of them, and the power transformer. Also an investigation into speeds/feeds for drilling and milling with small diameter tools
26Panasonic Grid-EYE RoadTest - ReviewThe Grid-EYE is an interesting sensor; it can perform thermal imaging and is ideal for people/occupancy detection purposes. This was a review of the Grid-EYE evaluation board
27MAXREFDES143#: DeepCover Embedded Security in IoT - ReviewAn examination of a security chip that can be used for creating 'authentic' hardware peripherals
28Programmable DC Electronic Loads with the BK8600 - ReviewA review of a DC Electronic Load. It was used to examine solar panels, supercapacitors and it was used to investigate high power LEDs using a voltage source
29Texas Instruments FDC2214 Capacitance to Digital - ReviewAn examination of a very unique integrated circuit from Texas Instruments. It can measure capacitance with a high level of stability. It was used to build a prototype dust sensor
30RoadTest the Keysight U1282A Digital Multimeter - ReviewA review of the best handheld multimeters I've ever used. It has an extraordinary set of functionality, and is on balance perhaps the most accurate multimeter too, across most ranges, across the important part of the ranges. I used it for a lot of experiments - the remote Bluetooth capability is excellent.
31SILICON LABS USB-TO-UART Bridge Controller EVM - ReviewThe Silicon Labs CP2102N USB-to-UART integrated circuit was reviewed; it was used to explore USB chargers, and to construct a MIDI interface for musical instruments
32Megger Insulation Tester - ReviewI got to explore a technology that was new to me; insulation resistance measurement. It is used to diagnose various electrical problems with machines. I used it to examine a very old ringer from a telephone
33Wireless Power Design Kit - Medium Power - ReviewWireless power was another new technology for me; the Wurth/Rohm design kit supports up to 15W of power which makes it a lot more compelling for products that could take ages to charge with the earlier 5W wireless power standard.
34Experimenting with E-Paper Displays: Building a Clock! A really simple project to build a clock; mainly to explore e-paper displays!