Hi, I've got some items unrequired, if you're in the UK and wish to have it, please let me know if you want "chemistry" or "LoRa" or "Heating" stuff and I'll post it for free.

All of this stuff is new and unused, and I hate to just throw it away since it's quite useful stuff.


Chemistry stuff:

6 x 100ml beakers (glass), a plastic funnel, 4 glass pipettes and some boxes of universal indicator (like Litmus paper).



LoRa stuff:

Two SX1276MB1MAS (European variant) LoRa transceiver boards, and two SMA antennas that I think are for the 868MHz band (the boards are dual-band, they have 433MHz capability too with the correct antenna). They're for mbed boards, (might fit Arduino but I don't know), but could easily be connected using jumper wires to any microcontroller board or Pi for instance.



Heating stuff:

Two Quartz Halogen tubes (277mm long, from Ceramicx, 240V, 1kW each, plus holders with aluminium reflectors and a few miscellaneous things like ceramic screw blocks. I got these with the intent of making a reflow oven, but that never happened.