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Open Source Hardware

2 Posts authored by: Javier Hernandez
I had a wake up call using Eagle Cad and a third party libraries. And I wanted to share how my ignorance caused my boards to fail (for now). Just for reference the board uses an Atmega328P SMD and i wanted a smaller and cheaper part than a normal crystal. So I went with a resonator, there are a few very cheap and very small. I am not that good on creating parts layout by myself so I searched on the libraries at hand for a resonator with the footprint similar to the one I wanted to use. And very ...
If you do not know what the ESP8266 is... oh boy. It is a cheap WIFI Uart module (google it). I have been playing around with the ESP8266 for a few days now. While doing my testing I realized that most of the time my problems are faulty wiring. Yeah I know, noob right. Well what can I say, I am a noob. Anyhow it is frustrating trying to debug software problems while still having hardware issues. This week while reading on the web found a service that can manufacture a PCB for $5 per square inch ...

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