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Have you ever tried to design a romantic PCB for your lover or an interesting PCB for your children or friends on special day? Why not? PCB also could be an amazing gift which comes from your creativity. Here I’d like to share a romantic and practical PCB to you.   This romantic LED board consists of 35 Flash LEDs and a  CR1220 battery cell and of course some resistors to limit the flow of current Since this circuit is no more than 35 LED’s and resistor arrays even beginn ...
  To draw PCB layout is an essential ability for electronic engineer .   We could use many tools for PCB Layout , Altium Designer, Kicad, PADS,and so forth .But for a reason that these software are all desktop-based , you need to install it on your PC or may need to pay for the software .EasyEDA provides a feasible way to draw schematic and PCB online ,without installing a software on your PC , and you could also save it on the cloud server and share it to all the internet users in the meantime ...

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