• CNC Interface Board discussion

    This is a thread to discuss ideas for controlling low-cost hardware (machines), for the purposes of cutting or engraving for example. It was created due to the interest in ralphjy project to assemble such a device. T...
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  • Zephyr OS 1.14 (LTS) Bug Fixing Contest

    Calling all Zephyr contributors! As the Zephyr Project community prepares for the release of ZephyrOS 1.14, they are rewarding the top 5 contributors with the most bugs fixed in Zephyr OS 1.14 with an NXP i.MX RT1050 ...
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    created by kjachim
  • Crowd Funding Trend - What are your thoughts?

    Greetings Open Source Hardware Members!   Recently I found an article on Embedded.com around a trend of using crowd funding sites (Indigogo, Kickstarter) to help pay for new product development and curious to h...
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  • An Open Source Tablet with many compatibilities

    Hello E14 community,   I'm Guillaume from Diskio Pi. I would like to introduce you my product, an Open Source Tablet for all your touch screens projects.   Diskio Pi is compatible Raspberry Pi (all models...
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  • How usually long is the back order for MSP-EXP430FR6989?

    I ordered a  MSP-EXP430FR6989 at Jun 20th and the site says there are some parts that are available for next business day delivery But now it's been two weeks but there's still no news about it
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  • Pentium 5005 and DDR4 footprints for electronic development

    Hello everyone. I am willing to develop a single board computer using an Intel Pentium Silver 5005 SOC and adding DDR4 slots for RAM. I would likely be using software like altium or kicad, that's the reason i wou li...
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    created by madscientist1500
  • help me with eeg acquistion

    hello, i am arun from india, i am a hardware hacker, and maker, currently i am working on BCI device. based on some Google research i bought a mind wave mobile. and  it is really a useless one. very less chann...
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  • Looking a for Facial Recognition Hardware Tester!

    --------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE Feb 2019: This first ran last year and I have just received another HVC if people would like to pitch an idea! -Phil  ----------------------------...
  • Practical Science Ideas for Primary School Kids

    Hi,   I thought I'd ask on the community, long story short, I have a family member in another country who is a primary school teacher. Resources are tight, and she's looking for the best way to teach children s...
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  • Re: Dedicated Cryptocurrency Mining..

    Hi everyone... First time posting here.   There's a idea that i've been toying with, but as with most things i have in mind.. I dont have the skills to attempt a Prototype!   I am aware, that in the past....
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  • regarding current controlled device.

    I'm using peltier for heating a device from 90'c to 60'c ,vice versa for n cycles. I wanted to know how to control the current passing into the peltier. The peltier maximum current rating is 8A, i want to switch it be...
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  • Lists of PCB services by country?

    Has anyone come across anything like a table of PCB services available in different countries, preferably listing also their main features and typical costs as an initial basis for comparison?  As the OSHW moveme...
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  • PCB Stencil Printer - Alignment discussion

    Hi,   For prototyping, I've noticed stencils are quite low-cost nowadays, which is fantastic. For those unfamiliar with the process, they are used to apply solder paste to the correct areas on a PCB prior to co...
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  • Custom USB device?

    I have been doing some research and can't find much on the topic of creating a custom USB HID device. Not using a teensy or arduino board. I have found some very basic things on the concepts of doing it, but nothing t...
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  • How is this RS485 module working?

    I am using an RS485 module :- http://www.elecrow.com/uart-ttl-to-rs485-twoway-converter-p-1545.html This module is bidirectional and uses a single pair of differential signal to transmit/receive data. My question is ...
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  • BeagleBoard-X15: new OSHW from BeagleBoard.org

    Official announcement today from jkridner & BeagleBoard.org:   BeagleBoard.org - 2015-10-14-beagleboard-x15 Announcing the new powerful BeagleBoard-X15 open hardware computer for electronics innovators f...
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  • What device should I use?

    Hey everyone! I'm new at that page and here is my first question: I'd like to know about some devices I could use to take photos and save them in a microSD. So, I would need: 1) A device (like Arduino or Raspberry Pi)...
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  • OpenHardware.io

    Hi,   I’ve started an open hardware community on https://www.openhardware.io.   It allows open hardware designers to share their projects, keep them in sync with a github repository and sell projects...
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    created by openhardware.io
  • What's inside a hoverboard

    Hey everyone,   Every week we teardown interesting products to find out what makes them tick.   Today we toredown a Hoverboard, hope you like it!   Hoverboard Teardown   Dave
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  • Sense hat availability

    The Sense Hat seems to be out of stock everywhere. I don't need one right now, but I wondered who's producing them, and what the long term outlook is ... I'm using them for a class (Embedded Systems), and hope to use ...
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    created by kmccullen