Part of Vishay’s 2015 Super 12 line up the Hybrid Storage 196 HVC ENYCAP™ Capacitors are high density, high energy polarized capacitors available in 1.4V increments up to 8.4V. They boast the industry's highest energy density at 13Ws/g.


The range has capacitance ratings up to 90 F and minimum storage energy ratings up to 460 Ws. They are ideal for use as a storage device in energy harvesting or miniature backup systems up to several Watts. They have a useful life of 100h at 70oC / 85oC.


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Available as stacked through-hole (STH, radial), surface mount flat (SMF) and lay-flat configurations (LPC) with wire and connectors.


Design Vishay's 196 HVC ENYCAP™ into these applications:



  1. Power backup for memory controller, flash backup, RAID systems, SRAM, DRAM
  2. Power failure and write cache protection for enterprise SSD and HDD
  3. Real time clock power source
  4. Burst power support for flash lights, wireless transmitters
  5. Backup power for industrial
  6. PC’s and industrial controls
  7. Storage device for energy harvesting
  8. Emergency light and micro UPS power source


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