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Blinker design   Our culture is obsessed with creating the newest fad and venturing uncharted into a new fashion land. Well, it'll be hard to top artist Naomi Kizhner’s newest concept for the latest fad, and although it's far-fetched, she believes her concept will be commonplace in the future. What's the idea? Only jewelry that relies upon the human body to function, of course. Don't worry. This will only pinch a little.   Kizhner’s designs take extreme to a new level. S ...
Cabe Atwell

Spray-on Solar Panels

Posted by Cabe Atwell Aug 18, 2014
Tin halide perovskite solar cell (via Nakita Noel) With lots of recent talk about global climate change, research into sustainable forms of energy has soared, and solar panels are no exception. In fact, solar energy is about to embark on a journey few technologies have been able to achieve – spray-on application.   Professor David Lidzey of the University of Sheffield wowed the world back in 2012 when he unveiled a system that could harness solar energy in a way that was both c ...

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